- Reducing the initial investment cost by capitalizing on 19 logistics hub centers and OLS     network
- Reducing the fixed cost for logistics through total integrated service.
- Minimizing stock and interest burden through the best stock management system
- Reducing the cost for investment on and operation of extra logistic center facilities.
- Enhancing service quality and reduce cost by the connection with OLS transportation route
- Facing the cost rise by continuous research on expenses reduction
- Streamlining work process through outsourcing of logistic operation
- Offering stable service for clients and trade volume on the rise
- Offering accurate and speedy logistics executing service considering various needs of
   clients by region, route, and small-quantity-batch production
- Training manpower and restructuring
- Proposing and managing optimal facilities and system through analyzing the logistics
   property of clients
- Enhancing the service quality and credibility to deliver the small batch on designated time