OLS has provided logistics services 30 years of operation since its optimal service in the nation and held unique know-how from the business with Ottogi with more than 3,000 items and other various companies.

Based on the 20 hub spots designated by the optimal simulation for nation-wide logistics business, more than 1,000 vehicles carry out daily transportation to and from over 12,000 dealers.

In addition, OLS introduced the consulting technology of Japanese elite companies specializing in food logistics to domestic fields. And its various information systems such as WMS (Warehouse Management System), TMS (Transportation Management System), OMS (Order Management System) have helped to carry out accurate, speedy and effective logistics operation. OLS is providing total customized logistics services for all the processes such as products storage, stock management, transportation, delivery, logistics execution on behalf of clients, distribution and processing (packaging and labeling), order execution, returned goods management and logistics consulting.